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Corner House Chronicles

Good Conversations with Michigan Craft Beers

Jan 29, 2019

John and Jason welcome "Guido" back and of course, he doesn't have his homework as promised (Classic Guido). But we still had good times and good laughs talking about a few different topics:

  • Our official Super bowl predictions (All three of us took the Patriots).
  • The worst call in professional sports.
  • We discuss good movies and tv shows.
  • TV Show Review Podcast in the future?
  • New movies in talks: Austin Powers, Tarantino's, Disney movies #PoppaLion
  • Rick's a gin guy "Hendrick's" and all day drinking advice.
  • How great the recent episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast are.
  • Mike Tyson's history, boxing, and cannabis enterprise.
  • Everybody should be watching Letterkenny 
  • Image Tyson vs Foreman
  • Sports Science and Rasputin

Favorite Wrestler of All-Time:

John with "Winner of the Web" - Big Lebowski 2 spot

Jason with "Reddit" - Sopranos Movie

Beer of the week - Perrin Brewing Co. = "Kingdom of Tonga Vanilla Porter" John scored it at 3.25 and Jason scored it at 3.75

Rick "Guido" - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Promo - Mouse and Weens Podcast

Thanks again to all of you the listeners - we genuinely appreciate you following along with the show. Cheers to all of you!

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