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Corner House Chronicles

Good Conversations with Michigan Craft Beers

Feb 25, 2019

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This week we were joined by our good friend R4G (Ryan) and after an hour of pre-show jokes, we finally hit the record button. The laughs continued as we discussed wrestling, good memes and the hoax heard round the world! Oh FBI raids Taylor City Hall.

John actually watched a movie he had not seen before and then we talked about the new Hulk Hogan Netflix biopic

The beer of the week was "Cart Horse IPA" from the good folks at Old Nation Brewing. This beer is from their New England IPA series and it did not disappoint at all. CHC thumbs up. John gave it a 2.75 & Jason rated it at 3.25 on Untappd.

Plus we had our guest sample some of "Jarreds Mom" from Odd Side Ales and he gave it a good review. 

Enter your Prediction Bracket for Best Wrestlers of All Time.

The voting begins soon.

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